MYTH 11: Using a foot peel once a month keeps feet healthy and soft

If you haven’t heard of a foot peel yet, you will!  It is a “sock” that you use on your feet for 20 minutes and then for the next 2 weeks, your skin will peel off like a snake.  These dangerous products are normally made with citric acid which basically burns off the top layer of skin on your foot.  The problem with this though is that it does not know the difference between good skin or bad skin and just destroys everything.  Removing too much of your protective skin layer can not only cause pain but can also lead to an ulceration or infection.  And the worst part of all is that in 2 weeks, the dry skin just comes back since the foot peel didn’t treat anything. 


TRUTH: A foot peel does not treat dry skin.  It only temporarily removes it and can cause pain, ulceration and infection.