MYTH 3: “Athletes foot is red and itchy”

Athletes foot is a fungal infection, basically a group of mushrooms that grows in dark and wet places and keeps multiplying.  Once it has the correct environment to really multiply, it turns into that characteristic red and itchy rash, usually in between the toes and on the bottom of the feet.  However, if the fungus starts growing, and has an environment that is not completely optimal for growth, it does not get past its “starting phase”.  This phase consists of what looks like normal dry skin and can even cause cracking or fissures  That typical image of dry,cracked heels….that is fungus!  If you look closely, you will notice small circular patches of dry skin that are absent with normal dry skin, indicating a fungal infection. 


TRUTH: Athletes foot begins as “dry skin” or “cracked heels” and grows into a red and itchy rash.